TIPS028: Building Wealth Without Money with Adam Giery

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September 8, 2017
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TIPS028: Building Wealth Without Money with Adam Giery

Adam Giery is a speaker, consultant, and entrepreneur, dedicating his life to the field of education. Adam’s passion for education is founded on the personal impact his teachers had on his life after helping him overcome a learning disability. Adam engages with governors, senators, industry leaders, and Fortune 500 companies to advocate for education reform. Adam’s experience in the education field started as a classically trained educator, certified in social sciences secondary education. While earning his master’s degree in higher education policy studies, Adam developed several award-winning programs centered on student support services, sustainability, and professional skills within a higher education institution. Adam is a proud alumnus of the University of Central Florida. In his personal time, Adam is an avid traveler, having flown one way around the world. Adam is also a proud husband and father to an opinionated Boston Terrier.

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Time Stamped Notes

  • 4.30 After Adam lost his teaching job back in 2008 due to a bad economy, he believes that many would have thought he had no options but in his reality no options meant that he had many options
  • 4.53 Adam took his time being unemployed as a job—he went to the gym every day and kept a schedule.
  • 6.00 Adam pivoted on his dream to work with kids in education by turning his career from being a classroom teacher to an educational/curriculum creator and consultant
  • 9.10 Adam says that as people we are often all too focused on (worthless) linear goals that involve money or a destination where we could still be unhappy when we arrive. To illustrate the point, he says that we would never take a walk on the beach and say “I’m going to see 10 sand dollars, 2 seals, 5 dolphins… and if I don’t see all that, then the walk on the beach was a failure.” And yet we do that with goals and career plans all the time.
  • 10.35 Adam says that when we free ourselves from a linear mindset we give ourselves the freedom to explore things that we didn’t expect out of life
  • 14.02 Adam says that the big joke of life is that wealth is financial
  • 18.50 Switching jobs is not something to be dreaded but can be very helpful with proper planning
  • 19.44 Often prisons are not tangible but inside a person’s mind
  • 27.25 The entrepreneurs and people who we consider “successful” are famous or popular because they focused on one thing and being great at that
  • 31.38 Adam’s least favorite words are “can’t” and “puberty” and “busy,” and if someone made a movie of his life it the title role of Adam would be played by a hybrid of Matt Damon from Rounders and Ari Gold from Entourage (find out more fun facts about Adam in the Quick Fire Round)
  • 39.20 Adam is working toward playing as an amateur in a PGA event in March 2018

Key Points

  • When we free ourselves from a linear mindset we give ourselves the freedom to explore things that we didn’t expect out of life
  • When we free ourselves from expectations, outcomes aren’t seen as black and white, bad or good, a success or failure—whatever the outcome is, is an opportunity
  • Wealth is not only financial

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