I’mproving Communications is based in part on the storytelling in Volume 1 of The i’Mpossible Project: Reengaging With Life, Creating a New You. Stories Break Down Stigma. The world becomes smaller. “That black guy,” “that lesbian-chick,” “that snarky-writer-guy who talks about suicide;” they all now have a name. David. Jamie. Josh. Each of these people has wants and needs, to live, to love, to survive and thrive just like everyone else.

Why Storytelling? Disagreements, wars, divorces, job-loss and many other misfortunes have been caused by poor communication skills, and have been remedied with eloquence.

It’s in our best interests to learn to become better communicators—for the purposes of an improvement in our emotional, social, and economic statuses. Improved communication also leads to personal resilience—an important factor in the quality of life we lead.

Actor Josh Rivedal will teach students the basics of Saturday Night Live style improv comedy, with a focus on improving communication skills. Attendees will actually get to work in this workshop

Perfect For:

  • Continuing Legal Education
  • Media Training
  • Communications training