TIPS042: Facing Forward to Self-Love with Tina Perkins

TIPS041: The “Nature” of Mental Health with Adam McNeill
April 28, 2018

TIPS042: Facing Forward to Self-Love with Tina Perkins

Tina Marie Durisseaux Perkins is an accomplished business executive who has worked alongside the biggest names in the sports and entertainment industry over the last decade: The NFL, Ford Model Management, Maserati and Athletes Against Drugs, to name a few. With an extensive background in the sport and entertainment industries, her attention to detail and discretion in dealing with high profile and military clientele is why she is the most relatable realtor in real estate.
As the owner of The Durisseaux Group, Tina attained many sponsorship deals, improved customer network, assessed and improved business processes, and expanded client publicity, creating a strong network throughout the industry. As a realtor, Tina utilizes her network, knowledge, and determination to broker a deal.
Born and raised in Beaumont, TX, Tina attended Texas Southern University and was an army wife, which led her to travel and see the world from a different perspective. She now resides in Beverly Hills, where she is a Board member of Face Forward advocating against domestic violence and divorce. Tina aims to help stop out-spousing and help women realize that there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel.

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Time Stamped Notes

  • 4.11 Domestic violence often takes a person off guard
  • 4.48 The person experiencing/receiving domestic violence sometimes feels like it’s their fault, even though it isn’t, and that feeling can keep that person from reaching out for help
  • 6.38 Out-spousing can occur, whether it be male or female, when one spouse has the better job, makes all the money, own the house; whereas the other person may be helping raise the children, build the other person’s career but isn’t actually collecting a paycheck. And if the two separate or divorce, one person has access and ability to fight the other spouse during the separation or divorce.
  • 8.46 Short-term repercussions of domestic violence, could be that a person feels like they can’t leave—emotionally, or if the other person is a provider or a good parent. And the person experiencing the abuse can sometimes start to believe the negative and unhealthy things they are being told by the abuser.
  • 11.41 We never know what is happening in someone’s house or why things occur. We must approach with curiosity and empathy rather than judgment or jumping to conclusions.
  • 15.45 Tina feels like she’s done a lot of healing from domestic violence by learning to manage and control her mind/mindset
  • 20.10 Tina learned to control her mind/mindset after talking with a person in her life who turned out to be very supportive. That person helped her catch herself when she would say self-detrimental or self-sabotaging things out loud or in her own head.
  • 20.43 What you think is what you produce in life.
  • 23.58 Before we get help and work toward self-development, things can get worse before they get better.
  • 26.22 The teacher appears when the student is ready.
  • 27.50 Tina has turned lemons into lemonade by becoming self-sufficient. She has learned self-love. She has learned that she can be successful.
  • 31.55 Tina believes that whatever you do, always try to shine bright
  • 33.05 Tina’s favorite word is “can,” her least favorite word is “can’t,” and her spirit animal is a dove (find out more fun facts about Tina in the Quick Fire Round).

Key Points

  • No one has the right to put a hand on someone else or to make them feel “less than.”
  • Just because a person is smiling or says that everything is okay doesn’t mean it’s true. We need to be vigilant in looking after one another, and be willing to sit in and through uncomfortable conversations.
  • Approach situations with empathy and curiosity rather than judgment

Resources or Websites Mentioned

To get in touch with Tina:


Social Media: @tinaperkinsbh

Phone number: 310.663.5801