TIPS020: Life Consequences with Ethan Fisher

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August 29, 2017
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TIPS020: Life Consequences with Ethan Fisher

Ethan Fisher is the founder of Life CONsequences and UnDrafted LLC, a non-profit and small business that help change lives of students and student-athletes using his personal message to create change in his audiences. He earned dual Bachelor Degrees in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. He received Entrepreneurship of the year award and the most distinguished Presidentā€™s Award at the University, He then finished his MBA in 2014. He left his college basketball coaching career to pursue his passion of becoming a national alcohol, drug, mental health and prevention speaker.

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Time Stamped Notes

  • 1.55 Ethan suffered (in silence) with a lot of depression and suicidal thoughts in high school but he masked it by excelling at and playing competitive basketball
  • 2.21 After high school, Ethan failed out of 5 college basketball programs. He turned to excessive drinking and one night drove drunk and accidentally killed a man with his car
  • 3.20 Ethan has been working hard to be the best person he can be since the night of the accident, 13 years ago, and has been sober ever since as well
  • 3.30 While serving his sentence in prison, Ethan got two masters degrees and played college basketball (he wasnā€™t allowed to play in away games, only games in his county in Colorado)
  • 5.18 Ethan thinks about Bill, the man he killed, every single day
  • 7.18 Ethan lives for the memory of Bill and his family and to make sure youth donā€™t get into the same kind of trouble he once got into
  • 16.17 Because he discloses his past struggles with suicidal thoughts, depression, alcohol abuse and his criminal record, Ethan speaks to youth all over the country and has gotten over 1000 letters from students opening up about their issues, trying to get help
  • 21.46 Speaking from his personal experience, Ethan talks a lot to youth about taking accountability for their actions
  • 25.48 Ethan has a hard time forgiving himself for his past and even feels guilty at times for living
  • 31.30 Ethanā€™s favorite word is ā€œdesire,ā€ and his least favorite word is ā€œtoo-oldā€ because the young kids he coaches say heā€™s too old to play (find out more fun facts about Ethan in the Quick Fire Round)

Key Points

  • It is important for the healing process to work to make meaning of a tragic or traumatic situation
  • Forgiveness of self can often be more difficult than forgiving othersā€”but it is paramount to our personal growth

Resources or Websites Mentioned

Ethanā€™s non-profit Life CONsequences:

Ethanā€™s personal site:

Ethanā€™s email address where students and young people can reach him: